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We use a range of techniques and services to help our clients save thousands on their energy spend and reduce their carbon footprint.

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Energy Audit

Our four-step blueprint helps identify exactly where your energy is being used and working out the best energy solutions for your facility.

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LED Lighting

State of the art intelligent lighting systems that not only reduce consumption, they improve light output and eliminate maintenance costs. Retrofit, upgrade and new installations.

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Air Conditioning

With almost 30 years in the air conditioning field, we are well positioned to identify areas within the system that are wasting energy and adding to operational costs.

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Solar PV Energy

Solar PV energy systems sized correctly to the site can not only save money by lower the grid usage but also add to an organisations profile by utilising a renewable power source and lowering their carbon footprint.

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Specialists in solutions

About Us

We are Energy Solutions Specialist who will work closely with you to investigate exactly how you can save thousands on your energy spend and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Our Services

The data generated from your facility helps identify which energy savings solutions will yield the greatest savings, be it HVAC, LED lighting or Solar upgrades.

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Energy Audits

With so many energy savings solutions available, it is difficult to know which one with provide you with the greatest savings. Energy audits provide you with clarity and transparency.

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Get In Touch

If you want to reduce your energy spend and don’t know which solution will generate the greatest cost savings, speak to us about arranging an energy audit today.

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What do our clients say

"We've had a 95% saving in our electricity based on lighting for that off-peak period."

Brent Caisley


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