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Is safety on your agenda?

I recently interviewed Patrizia Cassaniti who lost her son tragically in a Macquarie Park construction site accident in 2019. Since this time, Patrizia has channelled her grief into campaigning for safer workplaces in construction and other high-risk industries.

Patrizia launched her self-directed campaign a month after Christopher’s death, when she led the Union May Day March in Sydney. Since then, she has spoken at multiple safety events in an effort to force necessary changes to practices in construction, and other high-risk industries.

“I want people to be aware that safety is important and danger is real,” she says. “People filmed the aftermath of the incident — the chaos, the shock, and the grief — and that’s what I show audiences before I say a word.
“Then I stress to them, ‘This is not a re-enactment. This is real. The consequences are real. They’re horrendous. And you, as an individual worker, need to take responsibility. If you see something that’s unsafe, you need to say something, so you don’t go home after another incident, and think, ‘I could have avoided that’.’”

Patrizia is on a mission to eliminate complacency in workplaces, particularly in the trades. Let’s get behind her and support

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