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Trackie Industries provides high quality commercial and industrial solar power systems Sydney businesses rely on. If you are seeking an alternative source of energy that will give you an attractive Return On Investment (ROI) over the long term, you have to consider solar energy as one of your options. On average, solar panels pay for themselves in three to six years and continue to save you money on energy costs for many years afterwards.


Solar Panel Systems Sydney

We can design your new solar system – on and off grid solar PV system. Plus, we can supply all the hardware, parts and accessories as well as install and monitor that system. The designs we create are specific to your needs and facilities. They are completely compliant with all local and regional requirements and are maintained for optimal performance. We use top quality products and work with you throughout the design and installation phases to stay within your budget.

What Is Solar PV?

A photovoltaic (PV) system is a power system that has been designed to supply useable power collected through solar panels or via photovoltaics. The PV system has many components, including the solar panels, a solar inverter which changes the electric current to AC, mounting hardware, cables and additional parts required to set up the system and to make it operational.


The Different Types of Commercial Solar PV Systems

What makes these systems so popular is their versatility. They can be designed to fit a range of sizes and applications. Smaller systems can be rooftop-mounted or part of a building-integrated system. These have capacities of a few kilowatts or power to several tens of kilowatts. The larger systems are utility-scale power stations that collect hundreds of megawatts of energy. PV systems are either stand-alone (off-grid) or grid-connected.

Contact Your Local Commercial Solar Installers Sydney

Trackie Industries is your local solar company in Sydney. We provide all you need in order to set up a complete solar PV system. We will assess your needs, work with you on developing the perfect, cost-effective and energy efficient system for your business. Then we will install it and monitor that it is producing the maximum in solar power. With regular maintenance, we can keep your energy costs under control by creating a new energy source from the power of the Sun.

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Save Even More With Solar Panel Installation Sydney

Not only will you see a rapid ROI on your solar PV system, but State, Territory and Federal Governments in Australia offer rebates to home owners and businesses that help achieve renewable energy targets. Solar energy projects, from small to large scale, all contribute to these targets. Not only will you reduce your long-term energy costs with a solar system, you may qualify for additional savings through one of these grant programs giving you a much higher ROI.

Solar Systems Sydney Are Good For The Environment

They call it renewable energy for a reason. When you have a solar PV system operating, you are collecting energy from the Sun that gets converted into electricity. For every kilowatt of power you don’t take from the traditional energy power source (an electricity power station) reduces carbon emissions. That means you are using a greener, environmentally-friendly source of energy. Plus, you are paying less for the energy you use, that you are collecting on site.

Solar Panels Increase Your Property Value

A 2011 study conducted in the US indicated that at that time, the installation of solar panels increased property values by about 3.5%. Solar companies in Sydney know that the real estate market does show homes and businesses with solar panels are attractive to prospective buyers. That’s because of the knowledge that utility bills will be less and the sense of freedom by being self-sufficient for energy to use within the home or building.

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Trackie Industries services the Sydney area with the goal of creating an energy efficient business environment with commercial and industrial installations of solar PV systems. We also provide HVAC services and commercial LED lighting.

All of our services work to reduce your energy costs.

To find out more, contact us today at Trackie Industries. In the Sydney area call 9894 9119 or contact us.