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We provide high quality commercial and industrial LED Lighting solutions to businesses in the Sydney area.

At Trackie Industries, we recognize that commercial lighting can add to your energy costs. This is why we provide you with high quality commercial and industrial LED lighting solutions to the Sydney area. With the energy efficiency of LED lighting, you can replace existing light fixtures and reduce your energy costs considerably.


Did you know

There are many good reasons to seriously consider the positive impact a commercial LED lighting installation can have on your business.

The most significant of the benefits is the Return On Investment (ROI). The average payback period of a new installation of LED lighting is between one and two years.

Plus, you can expect to see that ROI extend to beyond 12 and 15 times the original investment. That is in addition to the energy savings during that same time.

Nothing lasts longer than LED lighting. They are designed to ‘burn’ brightly for between 50,000 and 100,000 hours. When compared to traditional commercial lighting – which has a lifespan of 1,000 to 30,000 hours – you will not just save on energy costs but you will reduce your light replacement costs as well. LED lights last 50 to 100 times longer than traditional.

We have mentioned that commercial LED lighting is more energy efficient than regular incandescent bulbs. In fact, LEDs offer up to 80% more efficient light when compared to their regular counterparts. With all of these positives, there is every reason to take a serious look at upgrading your lighting system to commercial LED lighting fixtures.

What savings are possible?

We've managed to help a number of business owners improve their energy efficiency and drop their power spend. Check out some case studies.

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Commercial LED Lighting Sydney

Commercial LED lighting can be used in many different applications in and around your building. The most obvious of the installations is LED commercial ceiling lights. When you consider the lifespan and better quality of lighting that comes from LEDs, you will find many ways to utilise them including office ceiling LED lights and commercial warehouse LED lighting.

Another benefit to commercial LED lighting is the control they give you over your lighting environment. There are many ways to control LED lighting with technology that ranges from dimming to timers. There are also occupancy sensors that will turn lights on and shut them off if not needed. Or day lighting which provides light during daylight hours. All of these tools give you control of the way in which your lighting is used and helps to reduce the cost of energy used.

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Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial LED lighting provides powerful long-lasting illumination for LED warehouse lighting where visibility is a must, high-bay lighting, low-bay lighting as well as hazardous area lighting.

Because LEDs produce a better quality light than traditional sources, these key areas must have the best lighting possible.

With commercial LED lighting, you can achieve this and save on the cost of replacement with an attractive ROI and reduced energy costs in keeping the lights on.

At Trackie Industries, we work with you to design and install a commercial LED lighting system that addresses all your needs. We will also work to replace or upgrade your existing lighting system to make it more energy efficient. Our products include LED parking lot lights, LED flood lights, LED tunnel lights as well as replacement bulbs. For safety, security and better visibility, you cannot go wrong with LEDs.

LED lighting is durable as they are difficult to break. If you have a dark corner in an outdoor parking lot where the bulbs get broken almost as soon as you replace them, LEDs will eliminate that extra cost. They are strong and will last far longer than any other type of lighting. LEDs also emit less heat than incandescent lights. This means that you won’t be running your air conditioning unit and paying the extra energy cost of operating that system.

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