Courage in the time of COVID-19

We are living through extraordinary times. COVID-19 is impacting each and every one of us. And while we might all be physically distant, we are all standing strong together. Here at Trackie Industries our heart is with our whole community and we are aching for those who are losing jobs, businesses, homes and livelihoods.

We are witnessing how a crisis can impact us all. We are learning what it means to work together globally. Humanity is transforming literally overnight.

When things begin to settle and we start to rebuild, instead of going back to business as usual as a global society we could emerge ​from this pandemic with a new way – stronger and with more solidarity than ever before. ​Where people are living different lifestyles. Where we get more out of less and where we leave no one behind. Where community and nature is more important than the stuff we accumulate. Where a circular economy is one we all strive for and where countries embrace renewable energy as the way forward.

Trackie Industries provide an essential service and today, and over the coming months, our team will be keeping the wheels turning for all who need our help.

And while we’re at it, in these heaviest of times, we’ll hopefully deliver some levity as well. With courage and kindness we will get through this together.

So please:

  1. Stay connected with Trackie Industries through our social media channels 
  2. Look out for updates from us. We’re here for you.

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