Escape the Busyness with Business on Bikes

This is a blog about energy – but not the form that is generated from electricity.

We’re going to talk about the human kind of energy. The energy that keeps business people focused, on track, and enthusiastic about work and life.

A few years ago, Brad started up a networking group that aimed to renew the energy that business can zap from us.

Business on Bikes was established when Brad realised he needed a ‘beast’ – some sort of outlet to escape the stresses of business and keep fit at the same time. So he asked a few mates from friendship and business circles if they were interested in mountain bike riding with him one Sunday morning.

The guys said ‘yes’ and had a blast. Then, what started out as a sporadic weekend ride quickly developed into a regular weekend event.

Business on Bikes is more than just a bike ride

Today, Business on Bikes is a weekly mountain bike ride in nature’s wonderland.

We head out to tracks throughout Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and Central Coast and everyone has a great time. It’s an opportunity for like-minded people to get together for a relaxed bike ride to escape the demands that business, and sometimes life, put on us.

With mental health being so important, Business on Bikes is all about prioritising downtime, mateship, and fitness.

Case Study – Angus

In just one example, Business on Bikes has had a major impact on Angus, both physically and mentally.

“I was going through some marital issues and Brad was very supportive during that time. He encouraged me to come along to Business on Bikes. I took my old (but not very good) mountain bike out with the crew and had a ball! The riding was fun and the people in the group were great to talk to, positive and supportive. It helped me gain perspective on my situation, which I can thankfully say is now resolved; my wife and I being better than ever!

“The group has helped me to get away from my business and stresses, and just enjoy doing something that clears my head and gets the blood pumping. We have formed friendships and business has resulted from connections both within the group and their contacts.

“Would I recommend the group? Absolutely – the more, the merrier! I look forward to helping out other people who just want to meet new friends, enjoy a great sport, and clear their mind.”

How do I get involved?

There is no charge for participation with Business on Bikes – just a small cost to cover your own delicious breakfast afterward. All you need is your own bike and a positive attitude.

Once a month, we also host a Kids Day at Wylde Mountain Bike Park in Cecil Hills.

If you would like to join Business on Bikes or find out more, visit the Facebook page. (

At Trackie, we believe managing energy is one of the most important parts of life and business.

We hope to see you at the next Business on Bikes outing!


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