Get $600* AFSS Certification for fire Compliance

Since July 2020, new requirements are needed as advised by the FPAs. Trackie Industries are accredited fire compliance practitioners in Sydney. Get a mechanical  AFSS starting from $600. 

Get a mechanical AFSS starting from $600

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For the on-going improvement of fire safety in New South Wales, the FPAS have introduced new requirements for experienced practitioners such as Trackie Industries to follow. These new responsibilities are in the area of assessing fire safety systems for commercial properties such as multi-level residential buildings, commercial buildings, shopping centres, age care facilities, clubs and hotels.


Get AFSS Certification for $600  

The annual fire safety compliance audit is a must for every building in NSW. Trackie Industries offer the annual audit starting from $600 a year. Contact us for more details regarding this offer. 

The Fire Protection Accreditation Scheme (FPAS) - Changes 1 July 2020

The FPAS has recently introduced new accreditation measures to ensure the maintenance and fire safety assessments are carried out to strict performance standards.

As of 1 July, 2020, practitioners must be accredited under FPAS if they wish to perform ' regulated work' under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EPAR). 

FPAS has been recognised for: 

  • Fire Systems Design (FSD) - for practitioners who endorse plans and specifications in accordance with clauses 136AA and 146B of the EPAR; and
  • Fire Safety Assessment (FSA) - for those who endorse essential fire safety measures on annual or supplementary fire safety statements under Part 9, Divisions 5 and 7 of the EPAR. 

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To perform these roles, practitioners will need to hold an accreditation number, unless they are designers who hold C8 certifier (electrical engineering) or a C14 (hydraulic certifier - buildings) registration with the Department of Customer Service. 

Other areas, such as approving performance solutions, applying for clause 164B exemptions, or designing mechanical fire safety systems, have not been recognised at this time. 


Trackie Industries - FPAS Accredited

As a accredited FPAS provider, Trackie Industries is qualified to take on these responsibilities and task to ensure the safety of the community.

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