Multi-Purpose School Halls can be hard to light…

A school hall is a multi-functional space allowing for a wide range of sporting activities, school assemblies, school productions, cafeteria, exams and it is sometimes used as a community meeting space. 

Multi-purpose areas with high ceilings require lighting to be dynamic and inexpensive to be suitable for a school environment.

At Trackie, we stand by the EnLighten Kascade, the perfect LED High Bay for School halls.

What makes the Kascade so special?

  • Very high colour rendering Ra > 90
  • Glare shielded light source
  • Longer LED life > 170,000 hours
  • Highest impact resistance
  • No glass to break
  • Easy to install
  • Glare shielded light source
  • Very high colour rendering Ra > 90
  • Zero maintenance
  • 3 in 1 Dimming control


Recreational and competitive sports require 300 – 500 lux levels to see objects moving at high speed. Lighting for multi-purpose sports courts needs to ensure the player can see a moving ball against a hall background and to locate team members quickly. 

Having uniform light and minimum glare is a must for sports that require above-head vision.

The Kascade offers well balanced illumination that prevents unwanted contrast or glare, it has a very high colour rendering index of Ra>90 for clear distinction between object colours.


Optimised lighting increases attention span and keeps the students alert. Replacing old/faulty lighting with uniform LED lights will minimise shadows and improve visual comfort.

For example, converting a sports court to a morning assembly hall or examination environment requires lighting to be dimmed down to 160 lux or 240 lux respectively from the ultra-bright environment required for sports.

The Kascade offers multiple dimming applications, making it easy to adjust the lighting levels to suit the activity in the multi-purpose hall. Dimming the lights does not reduce spatial uniformity or colour rendering unlike the limitations of previous lighting technologies such as metal halide bulbs and fluorescent tubes. These subtle changes to lighting can trigger deeper concentration and increase attention spans of students.


Sporting events, morning assemblies, examination time and school plays achieve higher performance and better viewer engagement when lighting complements the activity. The effects of using uniformly distributed light, that depicts vivid colour in a space, has been known to influence and lift moods whilst also boosting the morale of the occupants.

The Kascade offers high efficacy, long lifetime and high colour rendering, it has glare shielding and flexible dimming options, which is perfect for any high ceiling multi-purpose school hall.

Traditionally high ceiling school halls used metal halide bulbs or fluorescent tubes, these lights are highly inefficient and expensive to run and maintain. They can take up to 15 minutes to reach full brightness or start with an initial flicker.  As they age they become noisy and less energy efficient. Dimming is not as easy with metal halides and fluorescent tubes, in fact it negatively impacts the product’s lifespan.

EnLighten’s Kascade can dramatically reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and eliminate maintenance costs. Kascade luminaires instantly turn on with no delay and come with a dimming control to increase energy savings. 

The Kascade comes in four different wattages from 100W to 200W and can be optically configured in 50°, 90° or 120° beam angles to suit the required application.

The EnLighten Kascade makes Multi-Purpose School Hall Lighting Easy!

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