Real time data

Real Time Results

We’d love to show you how our wireless sensor technology coupled with our energy analytics platform can provide unmatched visibility into your facility’s operations.

Try our power monitoring solution RISK FREE for your company.  We will come to your site and install the power monitoring  solution for 7 days. At the end of the 7 days we will then review with you our recommendations on how you can SAVE on your company's power bill.

Why Power Monitoring?

In a complex and competitive industry, we are proud to be a trusted partner who delivers unique benefits and genuine results. At Trackie, measurement drives decision making based on your data. We can provide unique insights into your energy usage and identify improvements that will quickly crush bills, improve efficiency and boost your bottom line.

Easy To Install

Miniature sensor snaps into your existing system - no power disconnection or wiring required.

Plug & Play Connection

Easy link via existing WiFi, Ethernet, or Cellular Networks


Data can be explored in any granularity and aggregation level.


Receive an email or text when attention or maintenance is needed.

Scheduled Automatic Reports

Fully customised performance summaries and insights.

Easy To Use Installation Tools

Simple software application that can be used across multiple sites.

Easy Integration with Existing Solutions

Connect to existing smart meters, data logs or building automation systems.

Easy Integration with Third Party Software

Export real time data from the cloud into other applications.

How Does It Work?

We maximize savings through a comprehensive but straightforward approach, supported by world-leading methods, tools and equipment.


Real-time, device level, measurement of your energy use using a world-leading measurement tool in terms you understand.


Utilizing granular energy data to produce comprehensive reports, we design a stepped program to determine opportunities for lower fixed Demand costs, using our fully automated system.


Progressive savings through improved energy use, peak demand control, and appropriate energy reduction technologies to initiate monthly savings.


Actionable real-time alerts identify when thresholds are reached on a per-site per-device level. Daily reports and ongoing support management ensure energy reduction strategies are maintained.

Who have we helped?

We have worked with some industry leading companies, non-profits, and schools, to help improve their energy efficiency.

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Different Industries

Different industries are powered and empowered differently. With experience across many sectors, we can tailor our solutions to meet each industry’s specific energy management needs. We have helped companies from a variety of industries.

Whether you are in the food service business, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, education, facility management, or any other industry, we have solutions that can produce measurable results by tracking and monitoring devices, predicting and optimising systems, providing alerts and insights, and improving your overall operations.

Results from power monitoring trials

Curious what sort of results are possible from just a short trial of a product like ours? Check out the results from previous trials.

Want to find out how much your company can save on it's power bill?

We're offering a RISK FREE trial of our power monitoring service.

Why Power Monitoring?

  • Save on your company utility bills!

  • Reduce your company's carbon footprint

  • Get an alert if there is an electrical problem

  • Get a reminder about regular maintenance

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