New air-cooled water chillers result in over $57k in funding for Marina Square

How the installation of two Daikin high efficiency air-cooled chillers increased savings and funding!

We have an incredible case study to share with you from one of our affiliates, Energy Conservation. 

Marina Square in Wentworth Point  has been successful in drastically reducing their energy consumption – while also becoming eligible for an impressive government rebate.

Read on to find out more.

The Challenge

Marina Square is a new retail, commercial, and residential development in Wentworth Point in Sydney’s western suburbs. They required air-cooled water chillers to service their HVAC system; a system that filtrates across the large 12,000 sqm retail centre, including common areas and over 45 retail tenancies.

The standard equipment installed in similar projects had proved to be inefficient and the cause of expensive ongoing costs. However, the alternative high efficiency HVAC equipment had been avoided due to an even more expensive upfront cost.

While there’s Government incentive funding available for high efficiency equipment, it’s not all that straight forward. To be eligible for a funding reward, Marina Square needed  to choose the right equipment, brand, and model – which isn’t always easy to determine.

The Solution

Marina Square installed two Daikin high efficiency air-cooled chillers. Then they engaged Energy Conservation to deal directly with their suppliers and contractors to ensure they met the funding eligibility compliance.

With thanks to Energy Conservation, Marina Square was able to capture and collect evidence, then compare efficiencies. This meant that savings could be calculated via the Installation of High Efficiency Appliances for Business (IHEAB) method. They were then able to create Energy Savings Certificates (ESCs) which are sold as financial rewards.

The Outcome

Following the process, Marina Square successfully received $57,198 in funding for installing high efficiency HVAC equipment. 

In addition, they are likely to see ongoing annual savings of $44,000 in electricity costs by reducing the equivalent of 295 megawatt hours of usage. This will result in a decrease to Marina Square’s carbon footprint by 271 tonnes of CO2 emissions!

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