Trackie industries saves customer $22,000 a year!

Trackie Industries, a Sydney-based electrical contractor that’s passionate about providing sustainable solutions for its customers, was recently engaged by one of the country’s biggest shopping centres, The Hills Super Centre in Castle Hill, Sydney, to deliver a lighting upgrade for the north and south carparks and their entrances.

According to the Shopping Centre Council of Australia, “the future of shopping malls is not all about the shopping, it is now about the shopping experience which starts at the first touch point, the car park itself”.

The Hills Super Centre has a whopping 1490 car spaces, or touch points.

‘When I reviewed the old car park lighting, I realised there was allot of scope for improvement, as the old fluorescent fitting had been retrofitted three years ago with LED tubes and many of these lights were now fading, dull or completely out…they had reached their end of life,” says Brad Wyber from Trackie Industries.

“Customers often forget the hidden costs of lighting, the cost per hour of life expectancy. Operating life can dramatically impact your maintenance costs and overall bottom line.

“We used 750 enLighten 30W Vico battens to replace the existing 36W LED tubes in the North and South car parks. The Vico batten has an impressive operating life of 160,000 hours or 18.2 years, and uses an environmentally friendly LiFePO4 battery and quality Samsung LEDs.

“Trackie achieved a solid reduction of $22K a year in energy and reduced maintenance costs for its client!”

Car park entrances are notoriously dangerous places, most people don’t link road safety issues and good car park lighting together. One of the most common design failures can be seen in the entry and circulation lanes at the car park entrance, so to overcome this issue enLighten’s intelligent wireless car park entry system was installed.

“The north and south car parks at the Hills Super Centre are now compliant to the building code of Australia AS1680, which specifies 800 lux for the first 15 meters of a car park entrance and 160 lux for the next 4 meters,” Brad says. “At night the lux levels adjust to 160 lux, which helps to transition the lighting level upon entry and reduces the effects of blinding.”

With this upgrade the Hills Super Centre has achieved quality, uniform light in its car parks. This has enhanced not only the customers’ safety but has also improved the customers overall shopping experience!

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