helping strata managers

Your electrical services team to help with your strata requirements


At Trackie Industries, we provide commercial electrical services to Strata Management companies across Sydney. Our 24-hour service caters for Commercial spaces, Shopping Centres, Childcare Centres, Age-Care and Car Parks.


We have strata mangers covered

Our electrical services focus on 3 core areas to help Strata Managers manage a commercial property.

Strata Building Services


Strata car parks



Strata electrical services


  • General maintenance, repairs and upgrades (AS3000)
  • Thermal scanning of switchboards
  • Energy audits
  • Fire Safety - Accredited FPAS provider

your 24 hour commercial electrical services team

Giving you more confidence in our Services



With our commitment to customer service, we understand the importance of communication. Together with Strata Managers, we develop comprehensive reports that you can share with the Strata Committee.


Licenced 24 Service

Our licenced team holds the highest qualification in electrical, including fire safety. Together with our experience, Trackie Industries is able to respond to your electrical needs and guarantee to provide a 24-hour turnaround.

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