4 Easy Steps To Increase Profits and Reduce Energy Bills

What did you feel when you saw your organisation’s latest energy bill?

You don’t have to accept the growing expense of running a commercial building!

It’s time to seek energy saving solutions. They are closer and easier than you think.

Are you confused about the best way to save energy for your organisation? Then read this blog before you buy LED lights or do a solar upgrade!

Do you measure the increasing cost of your energy?

In business, we measure the costs associated with sales, production and marketing.

It makes sense then, that in order to maximise efficiency, we also measure the unavoidable costs associated with powering our organisation.

The first step is to measure your actual energy usage.

Watch our video before you make any further decisions around LED lights or solar!


Interested to learn more about our process?

Trackie Industries’ Four Step Blueprint

Knowing exactly where your energy is being used is an essential step to discovering the best energy solutions for your facility. Following the four-step blueprint, you will be on your way to reducing your energy spend and increasing profits.

1. Initial Review

We will review your facility and set up the best monitoring system to suit your specific needs.

2. Monitoring

The wireless, cloud-based energy monitoring system will be installed to track exactly where your power is being consumed.

3. Data Analysis

Your energy data will be reviewed and areas of wastage identified.

4. Solutions Provided

A report will be produced that identifies energy-saving solutions specific to your facility.

We’ll then facilitate the installation of systems that will make the biggest impact to your energy bill.

What results are possible?

Following Trackie’s audit of Asurion’s energy, the organisation has seen a phenomenal 95% saving in their electricity-based lighting for an off-peak period. Watch Brent’s video testimonial here.

We’ve also had other clients saving up to 70% of running costs for air conditioning usage and over 60% in lighting usage in car parks.

Ready to improve your energy spend?

Energy spend is unavoidable, NOT uncontrollable.

Control your energy spend and see the savings almost instantly!

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