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Energy Audit - The more you understand your commercial energy consumption, the more you can refine and control it to better run your business.

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Energy spend is unavoidable but not uncontrollable

How we help you save with an energy audit

Our Commercial Energy Audit allows you to understand exactly where energy is being used in your business.

This is an essential component in working out the best energy solutions for your facility. Once this is determined, we can recommend the best solutions to reduce energy use and increase your savings.

By following our energy audit four-step blueprint, you will be on your way to reducing your business energy spend and increasing your profits.

Initial Review

We review your company's existing energy set up and identify what type of monitoring you will need.

Start Monitoring

We connect highly advanced power monitoring devices to track your business energy usage and identify leaks.

Analyse Data

Your business energy usage data is reviewed in depth to identify anomolies and sources of power inefficiency.

Identify Solutions

We identify the best commercial energy solutions, and determine the expected cost savings for your company.

Real Savings Generated

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