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With almost 30 years experience in Commercial Air Conditioning, which has expanded into LED Lighting, Fire Safety, and Power Monitoring, we're uniquely positioned to help get you green.

Who We Are

At Trackie Industries we are committed to providing quality commercial air conditioning, led lighting, solar energy, and HVAC services in Sydney Australia. Additionally, our commercial energy audits return thousands of dollars to our clients' bottom lines every year. Providing quality services that are energy efficient and save money for our commercial and industrial clients is our top priority.

Coming from a commercial electrical and air conditioning background, energy and power consumption have always been an interest of ours. With almost 30 years’ experience in the industry, we noticed a common problem amongst our clients. Many wanted to save money on their business energy bills, but didn’t know what to do or how to do it.


We can fix it

Being problem solvers by nature, we set out to find a product to help our clients establish energy efficient solutions for their businesses. We now conduct commercial energy audits with a power monitoring system that uses patented wireless sensor technology coupled with cloud based analytics, to provide insights for optimising energy management.

The results have been outstanding with businesses reducing operational costs, improving sustainability and increasing energy efficiency.

How we can help you

save money and the environment

Business energy spend is unavoidable but not uncontrollable.

The reality is, the more you understand your commercial energy consumption, the more you can refine and control it to better run your business.

Commercial Air Conditioning

With over 30 years experience with control optimisation, drive options and engineering, you get the best possible outcome.

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Commercial LED Lighting

LED Lights are one of the most cost effective and energy efficient ways to save your electricity bill and reduce your environmental impact.

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Power Management Trackie Industries

Fire Safety

An accredited FPAS provider, Trackie Industries is qualified to take on these responsibilities and task to ensure the safety of the community.

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Commercial Energy Audit

We provide you with clarity and transparency about where your business is using power and the best options for saving.

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What we stand for


Our mission is to develop long lasting client relationships where we work together with businesses to create a more sustainable future for not only our environment but also our clients economic future. We want to see our clients organisations flourish by keeping energy costs down so they can get on with doing what they do best. Strong relationships have been at the core of what we do. By being involved with business chambers, community energy education groups, school groups, charity organisations and social groups with business leaders we continually build our networks and knowledge across many differing sectors.

From having an early environmental conscience, we are driven to deliver cost effective energy efficient solutions that go towards helping everyone into the future. Power for generations.


We want to drive change around real economically sound energy and environmental management with proper outcomes that help business thrive while causing as little impact to our planet as possible. By contributing to community projects and offering our time to help educate individuals on what is possible in the energy space at a time where costs and environmental issues are hot topics in the media and political arena, we feel this keeps us at the grass roots level and we continually learn what people in the street and people in business need and want.

Education is at the centre of everything we do, without knowledge there is no power.

Some of our awesome clients

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What do our clients say

"Most cost effective, best warranty, pre and post monitoring of power consumption, and completion of all the ESS paperwork."

Deborah Lockart

Strata Manager

"The carpark now has no random lights left on, they're sealed so no bugs and spiders reside there, and we are no longer changing bulbs that have blown."

Poppi Pappas

Strata Manager

"Not only have Trackie been able to keep our old systems running but they have managed to make them run more efficiently."

Ang Ly

710 Split

Ready to take control of your energy?