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We offer a holistic range of services to help boost performance, improve energy efficiency, lower costs and build for a sustainable future.

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We offer a holistic range of behavioural solutions that allow you to start saving straight away.

Commercial Air conditioning

Commercial and Industrial Air conditioning installation, service, repairs, and optimisation for best energy savings.

With building HVAC systems accounting for 40% to 60% of the energy costs at a commercial site, it is very important that this area is addressed when carrying out a business energy cost reduction program.

From simple single office air conditioning control to advanced Building Management Systems, we look for the best fit solution for an existing HVAC plant to make cost effective changes that will deliver reductions in running costs across the plants service life.

Further engineering for retrofit or new commercial air conditioning systems can have a huge impact on cost reduction while improving conditions and indoor air quality.

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Commercial LED lighting

LED lighting, retrofit, upgrade and new systems.

Industrial LED Lights are one of the most cost effective and energy efficient ways to save your business electricity bill and reduce your environmental impact.

Our LED Lights create less heat & less carbon emissions which in turn can save you up to 60% of your lighting costs.

At Trackie Industries we use only the best quality Australian Standards approved LED lighting solutions.

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Commercial Energy Audits

Sustainable and lasting changes to your Commercial Building's energy consumption.

Your facility will be reviewed so that power monitoring for your energy audit can cater to your site's specific needs.

The wireless, cloud based, device level energy monitoring system will be installed to track exactly where your power is being consumed.

Your energy data will be reviewed, and areas of wastage identified.

A report will be produced that will identify energy savings solutions specific to your facility.

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What do our clients say

"The audit report was comprehensive and clearly outlined where our energy was being wasted and how to remedy the situation."

Brent Caisley


"We are enjoying our 77% reduction in power usage the long maintenance free period."

Simon Strum

Building Manager

"The installation work was completed very smoothly, considering how hard it can be to coordinate such work in a large Owners’ Corporation."

Kenneth Beck

Owner's Association

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