Air conditioning and ventilation during the coronavirus outbreak

Trackie Industries have always committed to the health of air quality. With COVID 19, air conditioning and heating systems (ventilation) have become a focus point in the workplace and we have seen an increase in commercial property managers taking necessary measures with their air conditioning systems.

Recent reports have indicated that Covid19 can be transmitted through droplets expelled during coughing, sneezing and talking. This is one form of transmission. In spaces that have little ventilation, especially as CO2 levels increase when people are confined to a space, occupants are breathing the same air.

Covid 19 has seen many businesses make hygiene a priority.  Businesses are taking many different precautions to prevent the virus from spreading including, providing sanitisers and masks; social distancing measures with signage; reducing the number of people in a room or building, and improving ventilation.

These Covid 19 changes impacts every industry from retirement villages, schools, childcare centres, clubs and commercial buildings.  These are places where a large number of occupants are confined for a period of time. 

A combination of fresh air supply along with the right levels of recirculated air, needs to be in place with a well maintained commercial air conditioning system. As a ventilation and air conditioning specialist,  Trackie Industries conducts audits on commercial air conditioning (HVAC) systems.


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