Tradie Wives Unite

I’ve always had a flirtation with the well-known saying – there are friends for reasons, for seasons and for life – and thought each was mutually exclusive. But during this world-imploding time, I’ve come to realise that they’re most definitely not.

I’ve known for years that one of the families living in a nearby street ran their own plumbing business. I’d see their work vehicles parked outside the front of their house, branding displayed down the side and kitted out with the tell-tale tradie trappings for tools and gear. I’d often smile at the family, particularly the mum and her kids as they headed off for school, or arrived home from weekend sport, but never ever stopped to introduce myself or say hello.

During COVID-19, like most Aussies, I’ve been making the most of our allocated outdoor time by walking the tracks of my local forests. Truth be told, I walk them even in non-COVID times, but they’ve become even more precious to me as a means of escape lately.

And while once I had them largely to myself, since ‘iso’ began, the number of people escaping into the bush has increased markedly. And it was here, on one of my favourite tracks that I finally met Lisa. 

At first it was a quick hello as we approached each other, then it was a stop and chat about our dogs, which are similar breeds, and then it was a stop and proper introduction (at the mandated 1.5m of course).

Now, eight weeks into iso, it’s kids, husbands, work, life and all it’s trappings. We’ve discovered we’ve so much in common, and while there are many upsides of that, perhaps one of the most beneficial – no, that’s not the right word, because that makes it sound impersonal and transactional, and it’s so much more – is our shared experience of pre-COVID isolation. Managing a business from home while our partners were at work, and our children were at school, was incredibly lonely. And while we both just got on with it, and filled out out-of-hours life with company, we now realise that when life returns to pre-virus normal, or some version of it, we don’t want to return to self-imposed isolation.

We want to support one another, both personally and professionally, from dramas with kids to forming a business partnership of sorts. Sharing wins, woes and work.

As we move forward in these uncertain times, it’s wonderful to know we’re not alone, even while in iso!

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