Is your building emergency ready?

emergency light

In an emergency, we want things we have designed to save lives to work properly. Seatbelts, airbags, smoke alarms etc. In that category we should also include the humble emergency light. The emergency light is the most important essential service in high-rise and public buildings when the power goes down. When this occurs, the lifts…

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Car Park Lighting: Get Compliant & Improve Safety

car park safety

Using an intelligent wireless car park entry system with a self healing wireless mesh communication network Make your car park entry compliant Smart controls and good car park design plays a vital role in protecting vehicles and more importantly their human cargo. Most people don’t link road safety issues and good car park lighting together.…

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6 tips for purchasing LED lighting

buy led lighting

So you’re thinking about moving your lighting over to LEDs. That’s a bright idea! LED lights are not only more environmentally-friendly and energy efficient, they are also the perfect cost-saving alternative to conventional incandescent lighting. In fact, if you live in New South Wales and upgrade to LEDs, you have the opportunity to claim other…

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The NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) – not just about lighting!

nsw energy savings scheme

Are you onboard with the NSW Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)? If yes, are you aware that it covers many aspects of energy saving – and it’s not just about replacing your lighting with LEDs? As a result of the ESS’ Commercial Lighting Energy Savings Formula (CLESF), the supply and uptake of LED products has been…

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Escape the Busyness with Business on Bikes

Bike riding 2

This is a blog about energy – but not the form that is generated from electricity. We’re going to talk about the human kind of energy. The energy that keeps business people focused, on track, and enthusiastic about work and life. A few years ago, Brad started up a networking group that aimed to renew…

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Is switching to solar going to generate the savings you expect?

Trackie Industries Solar Power Energy Audit

Want to save money on your power bills straight away? If so, solar may not be the number one solution. Solar power solutions are great as they can save money and reduce environmental damage. So why are so many facilities not reaping the rewards after installing solar power panels? The answer lies in the approach.…

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4 Easy Steps To Increase Profits and Reduce Energy Bills


What did you feel when you saw your organisation’s latest energy bill? You don’t have to accept the growing expense of running a commercial building! It’s time to seek energy saving solutions. They are closer and easier than you think. Are you confused about the best way to save energy for your organisation? Then read this blog…

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